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Going around the globe on a bicycle is an exciting action to perform. It is truly fascinating and literally breath-taking almost all the time, but at the same time it is quite hard and is really challenging as well.

Of course, planning such a trip is a brainstorming task, but it is only one half of the deal. Another half was waiting for me on the way! Being prepared for the cold nights in New Mexico in November or being able to fix the hole on your wheel in Norway or Sweden or anywhere else is useful, but how could I have been prepared for my bicycle get stolen in London? Or how could I prevent my exclusive derailleur to get broken off after just a month of traveling?

The only one thing can help to sort out all the problems like those – a financial support. Of course I have some savings on my account. Also many people helped me on this trip in person, so I ask people here, in the Internet, to help me as well if they can.

I genuinely enjoy cycling, but I also enjoy sharing my experience and showing the world to other people! To help them to understand what their dream is and realise their way or achieving the dream.

"Wake Up Your Dream!" - is my message. I will greatly appreciate any possible help and will surely spend it on the things really needed for the journey to keep it going on.