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The idea of a round-the-world trip by bicycle isn't new and isn't original, but I could not stop thinking about it since that moment when my feet pushed the bicycle pedals for the first time. I have fallen in love almost immediately with this kind of transport and movement, and soon ‘two-wheeled’ travelling became one of my favourite activities.

This project has begun in the Spring of 2010. Certainly, I had to work hard to provide a financial side of the project, but is it really worth to talk about money when the subject matter is realization of your lifelong dream! The dream will never come true if you not put enough of an effort into it. So, on May, 29th, 2010, after a year of preparation, I eventually stood on a road and only then have realised, how magnificent and exciting actually is what I was dreaming about. There are so many fascinating and interesting things on my way, so I would love to share this experience with all of you!

Travelling by bicycle is quite hard not only physically, but also psychologically. I am far from my home and from an ordinary everyday life, but nevertheless, I am happy and I enjoy it a lot. I plan to go around the globe for 2 years and return to St.-Petersburg in the autumn of 2012.

My main goal is the trip around the world, but I want not only to see the world but also to learn about it. I will try to pass through the most interesting and important places wherever my route goes by, and to share all the seen with other people.

Everyone has a dream and there is your own way to embody this dream. «Wake Up Your Dream!» - is my way, and I believe that this travel will be an exciting source of inspiration not only for me, but for everybody!