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     My introduction into special features of the Indian mentality began yet before I visited the country - India. I arrived to the capital of Laos – Vientiane on 8th of March in order to apply for Indian visa. Officially getting of the visa takes about 5 working days, but for me it actually turned out to be much longer. I managed to apply for a visa only on the 4th day of my arrival. Every day I was going to the Indian Embassy in hope to hand in all the necessary documents, but instead of this short official procedure I have repeatedly  heard there some unclear excuses that ended always with words ‘come tomorrow’. Only on the 4th day I’ve actually managed to give in my documents and paid a consular fee of $40 with an additional $16 for a mysterious ‘fax.’ I breathed at last with relief thinking that a half of my business was already done.
     I‘ve been told to come up and collect my ready documents and stumped with a visa passport in a week, so I came along at the pointed day and time, but instead of my passport I have got the next portion of uneven excuses and ‘come tomorrow’s. However, the following tomorrow and after tomorrow did not bring me any results. I was already pretty tired to hang around that quite a boring city where I have got absolutely nothing to do, but only on the 14th (!) day I was finally ‘delighted’ with some news - I‘ve been told that I have to pay some extra fee of $40 with a quite weird explanation that all the Russian citizens have to pay a different from the others fee for the visa. I am a very patient person by the nature – I have got enough of the patience to whirl my bike’s pedals every day for 10 months so far, but my patience got finally lost within this Indian “hospitality”.
     For me it was clear enough that they are trying to take me on money, so I decided to get an appointment at the Russian Embassy where I have met Russian Consul Elshad Talybov. I described him all my troubles and I must to admit that Consul was taken my issue with his full attention and an entire responsibility.  He immediately gave a ring to the Indian Embassy, but there was no any response on the phone and the Consul suggested that we go there together in person by car to sort everything out at the premises. So we went there and met a representative of the Indian’s side who insisted on that extra fee to pay. After a brief negotiation Consul asked the representative to give a phone ring to Deli in order to verify the fee information and then we arranged our next meeting on the next day.
     Leaving the Indian Embassy, the Russian Consul privately said to me that he can’t actually influence the Indian side and if they will still insist on this extra fee of $40, it should have been paid then. The only thing he could have helped with were some actions after the payment is already done, so he would have the receipt taken for the further investigation. But on the next day at the Indian Embassy, exactly as I expected, miraculously there was no any money mentioned at all and I have at last received my passport with the required visa stamped in. On my way back to the hotel I dropped in to the Russian Embassy to thank Ilshad Talibov in person for his commitment and help. So, after 16 days of the waiting I could eventually move ahead! Having back to the hotel I packed my things, have bought my ticket to the plane Bangkok-Deli and went to Thailand.